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Toda la discografia de Led Zeppelin ya esta en Music's City

All the discography of Led Zeppelin is now in Music's City

asi que no duden en ir.. aca esta la direccion

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The most expected release since the Black Album. After being asked by the remaining Beatles to make experimental remixes from their master tapes, Sir George Master Five and the former drummer Pete Best Zarustica spent 7 entire days planning this record, that for the first time in the fab-four history expresses HATE for the war, for the USA, and for everyone that supports this stupid act.

The results are fantastic. Picture B-Movies soundtracks with Bristol's nightlife. Sound textures that have never been heard before, noise, and unique breakbeats. This is HATE, an album to despise.

"A masterpiece. It made me feel like the day I died, in that silly conversible, in India" Paul McCartney

"The truth is that Pete has always been a better drummer that I am. Fuck him, I'm a movie star." Ringo Starr

01 - Intro / Revolution 23
02 - Drive My War
03 - Tomorrow Never Blows
04 - Day Reaper
05 - From Me To Whom?
06 - Bomb Together
07 - What's The New Sarah Jane
08 - I'm Nuking Through You
09 - Lovely Retard
10 - You've Got To Hide Your Hate Away
11 - Horny Pie
12 - Why?
13 - Buddy Girl
14 - Sadness Is A War Gun
15 - War Fields Forever


Torrent: http://www.thebeatleshate.com/23/click.php?id=23

pagina oficial: http://www.thebeatleshate.com

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Bueno navegando por ahi, conseguis este album.. muy bueno, realmente.. lo recomiendo.. saludos a todos, y en un rato pongo algun en vivo mas.. saludos.. y no se olviden de clickear en los sponsors que eso me hace pagar mi internet.. saludos.. y dejen sus comentarios..

1. Twist And Shout (2:36)
2. I Saw Her Standing There (2:53)
3. You Can't Do That (2:36)
4. I Wanna Be Your Man (2:00)
5. I Call Your Name (2:09)
6. Boys (2:26)
7. Long Tall Sally (2:04)
8. Rock & Roll Music (2:32)
9. Slow Down (2:56)
10. Kansas City-Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (2:39)
11. Money (2:48)
12. Bad Boy (2:21)
13. Matchbox (1:59)
14. Roll Over Beethoven (2:46)
15. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (2:54)
16. Any Time At All (2:13)
17. Drive My Car (2:29)
18. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (2:26)
19. I'm Down (2:33)
20. The Night Before (2:35)
21. Revolution (3:27)
22. Back In The U.S.S.R. (2:47)
23. Helter Skelter (4:33)
24. Taxman (2:39)
25. Got To Get You Into My Life (2:30)
26. Hey Bulldog (3:11)
27. Birthday (2:45)
28. Get Back (3:05)


Espero que les guste este disco.. lindo por cierto.. y bueno.. en vivo

Lista de Temas:

1. Introduction By Dickie Henderson
2. From Me To You
3. She Loves You
4. Till There Was You
5. Twist And Shout
6. I Feel Fine
7. I'm Down
8. Act Naturally
9. Ticket To Ride
10. Yesterday
11. Help!
12. From Me To You (Fade In)
13. She Loves You
14. Till There Was You
15. Twist And Shout
16. From Me To You
17. I Saw Her Standing There
18. All My Loving
19. Roll Over Beethoven
20. Boys
21. Till There Was You
22. She Loves You
23. This Boy
24. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
25. Money
26. Twist & Shout
27. From Me To You

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B9TPARX6

Pass: www.chilewarez.org