Fans to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road

Fans to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road

Press Release -- On 8th August 1969, four men walked across a zebra crossing in St John's Wood. Hardly an earth-shattering event, but since then millions of people have come to the very same crossing to imitate those four men.

Of course the four men in question were The Beatles, and the crossing is in Abbey Road. The 'Fab Four' were posing for the photo that was to be used on their last album to recorded. Abbey Road has never been the same since. Every day, fans from around the world come to the crossing to walk in the footsteps of their heroes and to see the studios where they recorded most of their songs.

On August 8th 2009, a special Beatles walking tour will cross the Abbey Road Crossing exactly 40 years to the minute since the Beatles. The tour will be lead by Richard Porter, a professional Beatles tour guide and owner of the Beatles Coffee Shop. Richard has been leading Beatles tours for 20 years and has crossed Abbey Road thousands of times. However August 8th will be a special day. Fans will be lead across by the Beatles tribute band 'Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band' who will be wearing the same styled clothes as the Beatles on that historic day.

The special tour starts at Marylebone Station at 9.20am. There is no need to book for the tour, just turn up at the meeting point.

The tour is organised by London Walks Ltd who recently won the gold award for 'Best Tourism Experience' by both and

The anniversary is also being celebrated at the Beatles Coffee Shop, which is part of St John's Wood underground station. Many items of Abbey Road and Beatles merchandise will be on sale.

Later that day 'Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band' will play a special concert at Peter Parker's Rock and Roll Club at 4 Denmark Street. The concert is being promoted by the Beatles Coffee Shop and British Beatles Fan Club. The club is on the site of Regent Sound Recording studio, where the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Elton John all recorded.

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