bueno, asi como lo leen, decidi volver con todo, para darle vida al blog, despues de problemas con el estudio, el trabajo y demas, vuelvo con todo, ya estoy subiendo un disco... el cual consta de covers bluseros de temas de lso beatles, asi que, en dos horas ya lo voy a poner saludos y a disfrutar. no se olviden de comentar gente.
Creo que ya anda por ahi, pero nunca esta de mas rememorar una entrada.. saludos..

Tracklist :

01.Yesterday - 2:03
02.I’ll Follow the Sun - 1:47
03.I Need You - 2:27
04.Girl - 2:30
05.In My Life - 2:24
06.Words of Love - 2:12
07.Here, There and Everywhere - 2:22
08.Something - 2:59
09.And I Love Her - 2:28
10.If I Fell - 2:18
11.I’ll Be Back - 2:20
12.Tell Me What You See - 2:35
13.Yes It Is - 2:38
14.Michelle - 2:40
15.It’s Only Love - 1:55
16.You’re Going to Lose That Girl - 2:16
17.Every Little Thing - 2:01
18.For No One - 1:58
19.She’s Leaving Home - 3:33
20.The Long and Winding Road - 3:37
21.This Boy - 2:11
22.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - 2:01
23.You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away - 2:07
24.I Will - 1:44
25.P.S. I Love You - 1:59

Download :

Password :
Perdon por el cover, pero no lo pude conseguir.. saludos!

01. With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Pirata
02. Michelle - Frank Chacksfield
03. Hey Jude - Ronnie Aldrich
04. Norwegian Wood - Frank Chacksfield
05. She's Leaving Home - The Laurie Steele Combo & Chorus
06. A Hard Day's Night - Frank Chacksfield
07. The Long And Winding Road - Ronnie Aldrich
08. Got To Get You Into My Life - Frank Chacksfield
09. Yesterday - Ronnie Aldrich
10. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da - Frank Chacksfield
11. Let It Be - Ronnie Aldrich
12. Ticket To Ride - Frank Chacksfield
13. A Day In The Life - The Laurie Steele Combo & Chorus
14. Get Back - Frank Chacksfield
15. Because - Ronnie Aldrich
16. Come Together - Frank Chacksfield
17. Paperback Writer - Jose Pirata
18. Yellow Submarine - Raymonde's Magic Organ
19. The Fool On The Hill - Frank Chacksfield
20. All You Need Is Love - Tony Osborne's Three Brass Buttons


Track list;
01 - Money. 2:20
02 - Twist and shout. 2:06
03 - Roll over Beethoven. 2:16
04 - Memphis Tenneesee. 2:14
05 - Hippy hippy shake. 1:44
06 - To know her is to love her. 2:28
07 - Matchbox. 2:36
08 - Sweet Georgia Brown. 2:28
09 - Mr. Moonlight. 2:08
10 - Sweet little sixteen. 2:47
11 - Till there was you. 2:54
12 - I´m talkin ´bout you. 1:50
13 - Long Tall Sally. 1:48
14 - Take good care of my baby. 2:18
15 - Little Queenie. 3:54
16 - Lend me your comb. 1:46
17 - Besame Mucho. 2:34
18 - I´m gonna sit right down and cry (over you). 2:45
19 - Crying, waiting, hoping. 1:58
20 - A taste of honey. 1:47
21 - Searchin´. 2:56
22 - Kansas City-Hey Hey Hey Hey. 2:10

Bueno gente, realmente esto es impresionante, nunca lo habia esperado desde que empece con este blog, pero esto significa que tengo su apoyo, ya llegamos a las 300mil visitas, y realmente es algo magnifico.. desde ya muchas gracias a ustedes, y bueno, nada.. saludos a todos.. .y aprobecho para pedirles unas disculpas, pero bueno, el trabajo me esta atorando y casi no tengo tiempo, pero voy a ir poniendo unos discos por semana mas o menos, y bueno musicscity, tambien se me complico.. pero vere que puedo hacer... saludos!

CD 1

01) I'll Always Be In Love With You
02) I'll Follow The Sun
03) One After 909 (1960 Rehearsal)
04) Hello Little Girl
05) Love Of The Loved
06) I Saw Her Standing There (1962 Rehearsal)
07) One After 909 (1962 Rehearsal)
08) Some Other Guy (Live)
09) A Taste Of Honey (Live)
10) I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2)
11) Misery
12) From Me To You
13) Talkin' 'Bout You
14) Bad To Me
15) Don't Bother Me
16) This Boy
17) Medley
18) Can't Buy Me Love (Live)
19) I Should Have Known Better
20) You Can't Do That (Live)
21) I'm A Loser
22) She's A Woman (Studio)
23) I Feel Fine (Take 2)
24) I Feel Fine (Take 5)
25) That Means A Lot (Re-make)
26) Help! (Studio)
27) The Night Before
28) Baby's In Black (Live)
29) Norwegian Wood (Take 2)
30) Day Tripper

CD 2

01) Yellow Submarine
02) Here, There And Everywhere
03) Yesterday (Live)
04) Strawberry Fields Forever (Orchestral Score)
05) Good Morning, Good Morning
06) It's All Too Much
07) Your Mother Should Know (Take 1)
08) Aerial Tour Instrumental
09) Lady Madonna (Demo)
10) Christmas Time
11) The Inner Light (Instrumental)
12) Revolution
13) Back In The USSR
14) Not Guilty (Demo)
15) 'Weird Album' Sessions
16) Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Studio)
17) Heather
18) Goodbye
19) Two Of Us (Rehearsal)
20) Get Back (Rehearsal)
21) Suzy Parker
22) 'Let It Be' Session Medley
23) I Want You
24) Oh, I Need You
25) The End (Instrumental)


password = Lacroix

Important Note:
If you received any error while extracting the files, please use the "Repair Archive" tool in your Winrar program to fix the downloaded files and then extract the files again.
Una PERLA... INCREÍBLE... por dios.. espero que lo disfruten, y perdón por la desaparición de estos días, pero, bueno, el trabajo es así..

1. A Hard Day’s Night – 2:28
2. Abbey Road Medley (A/K/A “Huge Medley”): [Outfake]. 11:05
3. Ain’t She Sweet – 2:11
4. And Your Bird Can Sing – 2:00
5. Baby You’re A Rich Man – 3:04
6. Boys – 2:23
7. Can’t Buy Me Love – 2:11
8. Can’t Buy Me Love – 2:11
9. Dizzy Miss Lizzie – 2:52
10. Don’t Bother Me – 2:25
11. Dr. Robert – 2:13
12. Drive My Car – 2:33
13. Every Little Thing – 2:02
14. The Fool On The Hill – 2:54
15. From Me To You – 1:54
16. Hello Goodbye – 3:31
17. Help! – 2:18
18. Helter Skelter – 3:45
19. Hey Jude – 3:30
20. I Feel Fine – 2:22
21. I Saw Her Standing There – 2:51
22. I Want To Hold Your Hand – 2:23
23. I Want To Hold Your Hand – 2:23
24. If I Fell – 2:18
25. If You Love Me Baby (A/K/A Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby) – 2:50
26. I’ll Cry Instead – 1:45
27. I’ll Get You – 2:08

1. 1 I’m Only Sleeping – 3:05
2. 2 In My Life – 2:29
3. 3 It’s Only Love – 1:59
4. 4 I’ve Just Seen A Face – 2:10
5. 5 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand – 2:24
6. 6 Lady Madonna – 2:14
7. 7 Little Child – 1:49
8. 8 Long Tall Sally – 2:02
9. 9 Long Tall Sally – 2:05
10. 10 Love Me Do – 2:25
11. 11 Love You Too – 3:11
12. 12 Misery – 1:48
13. 13 Mr. Moonlight – 2:39
14. 14 Nobody’s Child – 2:54
15. 15 Nowhere Man – 2:47
16. 16 Penny Lane – 2:54
17. 17 Penny Lane – 2:58
18. 18 Penny Lane – 2:59
19. 19 Please Please Me – 2:01
20. 20 Roll Over Beethoven – 2:43
21. 21 Run For Your Life – 2:23
22. 22 She’s A Woman – 3:03
23. 23 She Loves You – 2:25
24. 24 Sweet Georgia Brown – 2:05
25. 25 Tell Me Why – 2:09
26. 26 Thank You Girl – 2:03
27. 27 There’s A Place – 1:51
28. 28 Ticket To Ride – 3:06
29. 29 Ticket To Ride – 3:06
30. 30 Twist And Shout – 2:37
31. 31 You Can’t Do That – 2:32



1. One After 909
2. Save The Last Dance For Me
3. Don't Let Me Down
4. Dig A Pony
5. I've Got A Feeling
6. Get Back
7. For You Blue
8. Teddy Boy
9. Two Of Us
10. Maggie Mae
11. Dig It
12. Let It Be
13. The Long And Winding Road
14. Get Back


Password: kurdsportal.com

Capitol Records initially did not have the rights to A Hard Day's Night, issued in the U.S. as a soundtrack by United Artists, the company that released the film. Instead, Capitol cobbled together a competing record containing eight of the 14 songs from the UK version, two songs from a UK EP, and a German-language version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand." ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide 1 I'll Cry Instead 2 Things We Said Today 3 Any Time at All 4 When I Get Home 5 Slow Down 6 Matchbox 7 Tell Me Why 8 And I Love Her 9 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You 10 If I Fell 11 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

1 I'll Cry Instead
2 Things We Said Today
3 Any Time at All
4 When I Get Home
5 Slow Down
6 Matchbox
7 Tell Me Why
8 And I Love Her
9 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
10 If I Fell
11 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand


Tracklist :

Vol 1

01. Hey Jude
02. And I love her
04. Yesterday
05. If I fell
06. Nowhere man
07. Michelle
08. Here, there and everywhere
09. Lucy in the sky with diamonds
10. Yellow submarine
11. Obladi Oblada
12. She’s leaving home
13. Norwegian wood
14. Martha my dear


01 Penny Lane
02 All you need is love
03 A day in the life
04 For no one
05 Yellow submarine
06 Something
07 The long and winding road
08 Strawberry fields forever
09 Across the universe
10 With a little help from my friends
11 Ticket to ride
12 When I’m sixty-four
13 Here comes the sun
14 I’ll follow the sun

Download :
Past Masters - Volume One

01. Love Me Do (Single Version)
02. From Me To You
03. Thank You Girl
04. She Loves You
05. I'll Get You
06. I Want To Hold Your Hand
07. This Boy
08. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand)
09. Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)
10. Long Tall Sally
11. I Call Your Name
12. Slow Down
13. Matchbox
14. I Feel Fine
15. She's a Woman
16. Bad Boy
17. Yes It Is
18. I'm Down


Past Masters - Volume Two

01. Day Tripper
02. We Can Work It Out
03. Paperback Writer
04. Rain
05. Lady Madonna
06. The Inner Light
07. Hey Jude
08. Revolution
09. Get Back
10. Don't Let Me Down
11. The Ballad Of John And Yoko
12. Old Brown Shoe
13. Across The Universe
14. Let It Be
15. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)


1. Cry Baby Cry
2. Child Of Nature
3. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
4. I’m So Tired
5. Yer Blues
6. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide…
7. What’s The New Mary Jane
8. Revolution
9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. Circles
11. Sour Milk Sea
12. Not Guilty
13. Piggies "edited out"
14. Julia
15. Blackbird
16. Rocky Raccoon
17. Back In The USSR
18. Honey Pie "edited out"
19. Mother Natures Son
20. Obla-Di Obla-Da
21. Junk "edited out"
22. Dear Prudence
23. Sexy Sadie


01 - I’m The Greatest
02 - A Love For You
03 - Tears Of The World
04 - I Call Your Name
05 - You Didn’t Mean It
06 - Cage
07 - God Save Us
08 - See The Sea
09 - Sea - Cornish Wafer - Storm - Sea
10 - Lay His Head
11 - Goodnight Vienna
12 - Hey Diddle
13 - Flying Hour
14 - Yvonne
15 - Shangai Surprise
16 - Be My Baby
17 - Abandoned Love


01 - Like Dreamers Do
02 - Hello Little Girl
03 - Love Of The Loved
04 - Three Cool Cats
05 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
06 - Searchin
07 - The Sheik Of Araby
08 - Money
09 - To Know Her Is To Love
10 - Take Good Care Of My Baby
11 - Memphis
12 - Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
13 - Till There Was You
14 - September In The Rain
15 - Besame Mucho



Password: Opus
Bueno, como ya se me estaban quemando los papeles con bootleg subir, cosa que se me terminaron, vengo con esta película, esta en dvd rip, y bueno, disfrútenla..


pass:- VindiKat

Never before released songs. All are Get Back sessions tracks.

Earlier issues were called 'Corn Of The Apple' after a translation error.

Reissued by an unknown bootlegger with ref# GR022851

The only "never before released" songs were only two of the versions of "Old Brown Shoe". The rest was available on numerous CDs, mainly Yellow Dog and "Songs From The Past".

Old Brown Shoe
Ramblin' Woman
I Threw It All Away
Mama You Been On My Mind
I Shall Be Released
For You Blue
For You Blue
Isn't It A Pity
Old Brown Shoe
How Do You Tell Someone
Old Brown Shoe
This Song Of Love
This Song Of Love
School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)
Stand By Me
I Lost My Little Girl
Get Back
I've Got A Feeling
I've Got A Feeling
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Crazy Feet


Bueno gente, esto es lo nuevo del blog, espero que les guste, y dejen sus comentarios si les gusta el nuevo template que le puse... se llama "charcoal"...

en fin, saludos...

All live tracks.
1-4: Empire Theatre, Liverpool. Dec. 7, 1963.
5-9: Empire Pool, Wembley. Apr. 26, 1964
10-17: Festival Hall,Melbourne, Australia. June 17, 1964.(incorrectly labeled as 15 Jun): TV broadcast.
18-19: Empire Pool, Wembley. Apr. 11, 1965

All tracks have noticeable tape hiss, and some are incomplete due to tape glitches.

Booklet says "STEREO" on front, but all tracks are in mono.

I Want To Hold Your Hand
Money (That's What I Want)
Twist And Shout
From Me To You
She Loves You
You Can't Do That
Twist And Shout
Long Tall Sally
Can't Buy Me Love
I Saw Her Standing There
You Can't Do That
All My Loving
She Loves You
Till There Was You
Roll Over Beethoven
Can't Buy Me Love
Twist And Shout
Long Tall Sally
She's A Woman
Ticket To Ride



A Toot and a Snore in '74 is a rare bootleg album of the one and only jam session in which John Lennon and Paul McCartney played together after the break-up of The Beatles. First mentioned by Lennon in a 1975 interview[citation needed], details were brought to light in May Pang's 1983 book, Loving John, and it gained wider prominence when McCartney made reference to the session in a 1997 interview. Discussing with Australian writer Sean Sennett in his Soho office, McCartney claimed the 'session was hazy... for a number of reasons'. The story is corroborated by biographies such as Christopher Sandford's 2006 McCartney.

Recording history:
Lennon was producing Harry Nilsson's latest album, Pussy Cats, when Paul and Linda McCartney dropped in on the Burbank Studios session on March 28, 1974. They were joined by Stevie Wonder, Harry Nilsson, Jesse Ed Davis, May Pang, Bobby Keys and producer Ed Freeman for an impromptu jam session.

Lennon was in his "lost weekend" , separated from Yoko Ono and living in Los Angeles with May Pang. Sandford paints the scene very vividly, as the room froze when McCartney walked in, and remained perfectly silent until Lennon said, "Valiant Paul McCartney, I presume?" McCartney responded: "Sir Jasper Lennon, I presume?" ("Valiant Paul" and "Sir Jasper" were characters played by the two, in a televised Christmas play early in the Beatles's career.) McCartney extended a hand, Lennon shook it, and the mood was pleasant but subdued, cordial but not especially warm, at least initially.

What followed was not very productive. Lennon sounds to be on cocaine—he can be heard offering Wonder a snort on the first track, and on the fifth, asks someone to give him a snort. This is also the origin of the album name, where John Lennon clearly asks: "You wanna snort, Steve? A toot? It's goin' round." In addition, Lennon seems to be having trouble with his microphone and headphones.

Lennon is on lead vocal and guitar, while McCartney sings harmony and plays drums. Stevie Wonder sings and plays electric piano, Linda McCartney on organ, May Pang on tambourine, Harry Nilsson provides vocals, Jesse Ed Davis is on guitar, producer Ed Freeman fills in on bass, Bobby Keyes plays saxophone.

1. "A Toot and a Snore" 0:27
2. "Bluesy Jam" 2:33
3. "Studio Talk" 2:40
4. "Lucille" 5:59
5. "Nightmares" 2:38
6. "Stand By Me" - 2:18
7. "Stand By Me" 3:41
8. "Stand By Me" 6:04
9. Medley 3:10


This is the last concert performed by The Beatles.

The concert began at 8.00pm and lasted about 33 minutes.

Recognizing its significance, John carried a camera up on stage and took photographs of the other Beatles, as well as of himself from armslength.

Paul did the same and asked NEMS Enterprises press officer Tony Barrow to make an audio cassette recording of the performance.

Unfortunately, the cassette lasted only 30 minutes per side and was not flipped that's why the last song (Long Tall Sally) is incomplete.

[Source: Lewisohn, Complete Beatles Chronicle]

Rock And Roll Music
She's A Woman
If I Needed Someone
Day Tripper
Baby's In Black
I Feel Fine
I Wanna Be Your Man
Nowhere Man
Paperback Writer
Long Tall Sally



Three Cool Cats
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Besame Mucho
Sheik Of Araby
Money (That's What I Want)
To Know Her Is To Love Her
Take Good Care Of My Baby
Memphis Tennesse
Sure To Fall
Till There Was You
September In The Rain


Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, co- owned by Michael Jackson and Sony Corp., will keep control of Beatles songs following the pop singer’s death, said a person with knowledge of the venture’s plans.

Jackson, who died June 25 at age 50 in Los Angeles, owned 50 percent of Sony/ATV, which holds rights to more than 200 songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and others. His stake is worth about $1 billion, said Ivan Thornton, a private-wealth adviser who has worked with Jackson and his family.

Sony/ATV will continue to hold the Lennon and McCartney catalog, said the person, who asked not to be named because the matter isn’t public. The U.K.’s Daily Mirror reported in January that Jackson planned to leave the Beatles rights to McCartney in his will to heal a rift between the musicians. Jackson paid $47.5 million in 1985 to buy the ATV catalog, outbidding McCartney and Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono.

“Michael was very proud of this partnership,” Martin Bandier, chief executive officer of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, said yesterday in an e-mail. “For him this was about really honing his business skills in an area that he loved.”

Bandier declined to comment further. Paul Freundlich, the New York-based press contact for McCartney, didn’t respond to a phone call or e-mailed message seeking comment yesterday on the status of the Beatles rights.

“I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael,” McCartney said in a statement posted on his Web site. “He was a massively talented boy man with a gentle soul. His music will be remembered forever and my memories of our time together will be happy ones.”

Sony Option

Publishers license music and collect royalties, ensuring the owners get paid when a song is used commercially, such as in a live performance or in a television advertisement. Publishers such as Sony/ATV can also be copyright owners.

In 1995, Jackson merged the ATV collection with Sony Corp.- owned recordings to create Sony/ATV, said Jimmy Asci, a Sony/ATV spokesman. In 2006, Jackson gave Sony an option to buy half of his 50 percent stake in Sony/ATV, allowing the singer to refinance $300 million of loans.

Jackson’s entertainment attorney, Joel Katz, said in an e- mail that he is traveling to Los Angeles to be with the performer’s family and will meet with “many of his professional associates.” He declined to provide further details.

“Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and his business affairs are worldwide,” Katz said in the statement. “Many of them are quite ongoing and will be dealt with appropriately.”

Sales Spike

Jackson’s solo albums “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Dangerous” and “HIStory,” were recorded with Sony’s Epic Records and are among the top-sellers of all time, the Tokyo-based company said yesterday in a statement.

He sold 750 million records worldwide and released 13 No. 1 singles, Sony said. Warner Music Group Corp. owns publishing rights to Jackson’s music, according to spokesman Will Tanous in New York.

Sony said it may boost production of the singer’s CDs after receiving “unprecedented” orders. The company’s music unit in Tokyo received orders for about 150,000 CDs related to the singer, according to Yoshikazu Takahashi, a spokesman for Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc.

Albums featuring Jackson occupied the top 16 rankings for best-selling music at Amazon.com Inc. late yesterday in New York, according to the Seattle-based online retailer’s Web site.

“His business mind was fascinating,” Thornton said in an interview. “We’d go to meetings with bankers and Wall Street people and once I explained the language to him, he totally got it. There was no formal education there, but his natural knack was off the charts.”
Bueno gente, vengo con otro bootleg, en este caso Gone Tomorrow, Here Today, muy bueno, muchos blackbirds para escuchar, en realidad son 20 temas, nada mas que los puse todos separados, porque en algunos estan los BlackBirds y los studio talks, pero quedaba mal armado el post, y los puse todos por separado. pero son menos de los que se ven, y en algunos casos le hace dos blackbirds en uno.. saludos y hasta otra..

Track List:
Hey Jude
Dear Prudence
Studio Talk
Studio Talk
Helter Skelter
Studio Talk
Gone Tomorrow Here Today
Studio Talk
Studio Talk
Studio Talk
Studio Talk
Mother Nature's Son
Studio Talk
Dear Prudence


A BEATLES fan from Salisbury who sold a unique letter from George Harrison for £7,500 may have thrown away other letters and memorabilia that could have been worth a small fortune.

Lynn Smith, 63, was a huge fan of the Liverpool group as a teenager living in London, and she and her friends would go to concerts and travel everywhere to try to get a glimpse of their heroes, and collect anything and everything to do with them.

She said: “One of my friends once took a jacket belonging to John Lennon but her mum found out and made her post it back because it was stealing.

“I wrote to all of them at different times and got numerous letters back but, about 30 years ago, I had a real clear out and put some letters and stuff into a box and forgot about it.”

Last year Mrs Smith unearthed the box and in it found a three-page letter from Harrison, who died in 2001, giving all sorts of insights into life for The Beatles in 1963, at the start of their meteoric rise to fame and Beatlemania.

But there was no sign of the other letters.

“The letter from George was the only one I still had. He was my favourite, which is why I kept it. I can’t remember for sure what others I had but I’m sure I had a letter from Paul McCartney.”

The letter from Harrison was written from a hotel in Bournemouth, where the Fab Four were doing a six-day stint at the town’s Gaumont Theatre, now the Odeon Cinema.

In response to questions asked by his fan, Harrison details the harmonies he sings in She Loves You and the B-side track I’ll Get You – admitting to singing the wrong words in the middle part of the latter.

Clearly accused by his fan of keeping Ringo Starr hidden at the back of the stage, George goes on to insist that he, McCartney and John Lennon had in fact tried to push Ringo into the limelight by offering to play the drums for some numbers so he could join in the dance routines and singing.

Ringo, it appears, politely declined. In George’s opinion, “I think he was scared”.

One of the most personal insights into what performing with the Beatles was like is revealed when George gently chastises his correspondent for throwing jelly babies and wine gums at their concerts: “think how we feel trying to dodge the stuff before you throw some more... I was hit in the eye once with a boiled sweet, and it’s not funny!”

At auction the letter made ten times what it was expected to.

Mrs Smith said: “I did think hard about selling it but I have some signed photos which I’m hanging on to.”

The letter was sold by Salisbury auctioneers Woolley and Wallis, where it made ten times the amount it was expected to go for.

Mrs Smith said: “I never expected it to get that much. I did think hard about selling it but I have some signed photos, which I’m hanging on to. At least if someone pays that amount of money you know they really want it and they’re going to look after it.”

Bueno gente, después de unos días de descanso... vengo con estos extraños mixes.. esta bien diría yo... lanzado en 1999 publicado por Undercover... goza de una buena calidad de sonido.. es todo por hoy.. saludos..

My Bonnie
Sweet Georgia Brown
Ain't She Sweet
Please Please Me
Hold Me Tight
Can't Buy Me Love
If You've Got Trouble
Think For Yourself
The Word
Paperback Writer
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Helter Skelter
Glass Onion
Don't Pass Me By
Yer Blues
Helter Skelter
Revolution 9
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
I Me Mine

Mediante este humilde post, le doy la despedida al único hombre que supero en números a los beatles.. así que, hoy Magical Mystery Tour, esta de duelo...

Adiós Michael Jackson

A continuación, algunos de las marcas que ostentó el cantante pop Michael Jackson:


- Es el artista musical más premiado de la historia (405 galardones, entre ellos 13 grammys),

- Es, de acuerdo con los Récords Guinness, el artista musical más exitoso de todos los tiempos, habiendo vendido en su carrera 750 millones de discos.

- El artista que más dinero ha aportado para causas benéficas en la historia, ayudando a 39 instituciones de caridad y donando más de 300 millones de dólares.


- Artista más joven en ganar un premio Billboard (Michael Jackson)

- Marca de asistencia de público en el teatro Empire’s de Liverpool (The Jackson 5 durante su primera gira por Gran Bretaña; la marca anterior la tenían The Beatles)


- Primer grupo negro de la historia en hacer una gira por Australia (The Jackson 5)

- Gana un globo de oro por "BEN" y es nominado a los oscars.


- Primer artista en solitario en obtener 4 singles top 10 de un mismo album en EEUU (Michael Jackson: "Don't Stop 'Til you Get Enough", "Off The Wall", "Rock With you" y "She's Out Of My Life")

- Primer artista en lograr 5 singles top 10 de un mismo album en Gran Bretaña (Michael Jackson: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough", Off The Wall", "Rock With You", She's Out Of My Life" y "Girlfriend")


- Primer álbum de la historia en llegar al Nº1 en las listas americanas e inglesas simultáneamente (Thriller)

- Primera canción/single de la historia en llegar al Nº1 de las listas Billboard de Rock y R&B simultáneamente (Billie Jean)

- Artista masculino más joven en vender 10 millones de copias de un solo álbum en EEUU (Michael Jackson)

- Mayor número de premios y nominaciones conseguidas por un grupo o artista en un solo año (Michael Jackson: + de 50)

- Mayor número de singles que han llegado al top 10 en un mismo año ("The Girl Is Mine", "Billie Jean", "Beat It", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin", "Human Nature", "P.Y.T", "Say Say Say")

- Primer y único album de la historia que ha comenzado y ha terminado el año siendo Nº1 en las listas de Billboard (Thriller)


- Primer álbum que se editó en formato CD (Victory)

- Mayor número de American Music Awards conseguidos en un mismo año (Michael Jackson 8 )

- Artista más joven de la historia en recibir el American Music Award of Merit.

- Mayor número de nominaciones a los premios Grammy en un solo año (Michael Jackson: 12)

- Mayor número de premios Grammy conseguidos en un mismo año (Michael Jackson 8 e igualado por Carlos Santana en 2001 )

- Primer artista o grupo en recibir el premio NARM Gift Of Music Award por el álbum y el single más vendido (Thriller album y Billie Jean single respectivamente)

- Marca de asistencia de público en el estadio Arrowhead de Kansas City (135.000 personas: Victory Tour)

- Único artista en poseer dos estrellas en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood (como Michael Jackson y como integrante de The Jacksons)

- Album más vendido en la historia de la música (Thriller)

- Mayor cantidad de singles de un mismo album que han alcanzado el Top 10 en las listas Billboard de música Pop ("The Girl Is Mine", "Billie Jean", "Beat It", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", "Human Nature", "P.Y.T", "Thriller")

- Mayor cantidad de singles y álbumes vendidos en un solo año (30 millones)


- Mayor recaudación conseguida por un espectáculo benéfico (We Are The World: 60 millones de dólares)


- Mayor número de público congregado para un concierto en la ciudad de Tokyo (Bad Tour)


- Primer anuncio publicitario emitido en la Unión Soviética (Pepsi-Michael Jackson)

- Anuncio publicitario más visto de la historia de la televisión ("Chase" 4ª parte de una serie de anuncios de Pepsi protagonizados por Michael Jackson)

- Derechos literarios más caros de la historia (Doubleday Publishing desembolsó más de 15 millones de dólares por la autobiografía de Michael "Moonwalk")

- Primer artista en tener 3 álbumes en EEUU con unas ventas superiores a los 6 millones (Michael Jackson: "Off The Wall", "Thriller" y "Bad")

- Vídeo que más rápido se ha vendido en la historia del Reino Unido (Michael Jackson "The Legend Continues")

- Mayor número de conciertos realizados en el Wembley Stadium durante una misma gira (Bad Tour 7)

- Marca de asistencia de público en el estadio Aintree Raceground de Liverpool (Bad Tour)

- Marca de público de una gira realizada por el Reino Unido (Bad Tour : más de 800.000 personas)

- Mayores ganancias de una gira en el Reino Unido (Bad Tour: más de 13 millones de libras)

- Primer artista en tener 5 números 1 consecutivos de un mismo album ("I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "Bad", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man In The Mirror", "Dirty Diana")

- Mayor cantidad de singles Nº1 consecutivos ("We Are The World", "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "Bad","The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man In The Mirror", "Dirty Diana")

- Mayor cantidad de Nº1 en la historia de las listas de música negra (9)

- Album que más tiempo ha estado en el top 5 de la lista Billboard de música popular (Bad: 38 semanas)


- Primer artista en tener 3 álbumes consecutivos que han pasado más de 100 semanas en las listas del Reino Unido (“Off The Wall”, “Thriller” y “Bad”)


- Cuadro -de un artista vivo- más valorado de la historia (The Hiromichi Saeki Corp. pagó 2.1 millones de dólares al artista Brett-Livingstone por un retrato de Michael Jackson)


- Mayor contrato de la historia de la música (890 millones de dólares)

- Artista mejor pagado de la historia en concepto de royalties (25% por disco)

- Video clip más visto de la historia ("Black Or White"- más de 500 millones de personas en todo el mundo vieron su estreno el 11 de noviembre de 1991)

- Mayor difusión de un video musical en la historia de la MTV ("Black Or White")

- Primer y único artista o grupo que ha tenido números 1 en la década de los 60, 70, 80 y 90


- Artista más joven en recibir el Grammy Legend Award (Michael Jackson 34 años)

- Single de rock más vendido de todos los tiempos ("Black Or White" 5 millones de copias)

- Vestuario para un video clip más caro de la historia ("Remember The Time")

- Mayor audiencia en la historia de la televisión por cable (aproximadamente 250 millones personas vieron el concierto de Bucarest del Dangerous World Tour)

- Concierto televisado mejor pagado de la historia (la cadena HBO pagó 20 millones de dólares por el Dangerous World Tour de Bucarest)


- Mayor audiencia en la historia de la televisión (133.4 millones de expectadores vieron la actuación de Michael Jackson en la final de la Superbowl)

- Mayor número de singles editados de un mismo álbum (8 -Dangerous- "Black Or White", "Remember The Time","In The Closet", "Who Is It", "Jam", "Heal The World", "Will You Be There" y "Gone Too Soon")

- Mayor cantidad de singles vendidos durante la promoción de un álbum (17 millones de copias de los 9 singles publicados de Dangerous)

- Gira de mayor éxito realizada en México (Dangerous World Tour - 5 conciertos con una audiencia total de más de 500 mil personas y unas ganancias superiores a los 12 millones de dólares)


- Campaña de promoción más cara de la historia (álbum HIStory 40 millones de dólares)

- Portada más cara de la historia (el diseño de la carátula de HIStory costó más de 1 millón de dólares)

- Video musical más caro de todos los tiempos ("Scream" 7 millones de dólares)

- Entrada más alta en la historia de Billboard ("You Are Not Alone"- directo al Nº1)

- Album doble con ventas más rápidas de la historia (HIStory 7.5 millones de discos en tan sólo 35 días)

- Mayor transacción musical de la historia (Michael recibió 110 millones de dólares por la fusión de ATV Publishing con Sony Publishing)

- Período más largo entre el primer y el último número uno en la carrera de un artista (22 años y 11 meses; Michael Jackson tuvo su primer Nº1 en octubre de 1972 con Ben y el último en septiembre de 1995 con You Are Not Alone)

- Album doble más vendido de todos los tiempos (HIStory- 18 millones de copias)


- Mayor audiencia televisiva de una entrega de premios en el Reino Unido (16 millones de espectadores vieron la actuación de Michael Jackson en los Brit Awards)

- Mayor número de World Music Awards recibidos por un grupo o artista en un mismo año ("Best Selling Record of All Time" (Thriller), "Best Selling Male Artist of 1995", "Best Selling American Artist", "Best Selling R&B Artist", y "Best Selling Artist ever")


- Mayor gira realizada en Alemania (HIStory World Tour : 650.000 asistentes)

- Marca de asistencia global en el Wembley Stadium (1 millón de personas en 15 conciertos realizados entre 1988 y 1997)

- Video musical más largo de la historia ("Ghosts" - 34 minutos)

- Album de remixes más vendido de todos los tiempos ("Blood On The Dance Floor" 5 millones de copias)


- Premio más caro de la historia (Michael Jackson pagó 1.542.500 dólares por el Oscar a la "Mejor película" de "Lo que el viento se llevó")

- Artista con mayor participación activa en campañas benéficas (39 organizaciones reciben su ayuda)


- Mayor número de premios Artista del Milenio (World Music Awards, American Music Awards)


- Escultura -de un artista vivo- más cara de la historia ("Michael Jackson and Bubbles" una obra del escultor Jeff Koons que fue vendida por 5.616.750 millones de dólares)

- Álbum más caro de la historia ("Invincible")


- Venta de entradas más rápida de la historia para los 50 conciertos especiales en el O2 Arena en Londres (aproximadamente 1 millón de entradas vendidas en 5 horas).

The Beatles Christmas Record (1963)
Another Beatles Christmas Record (1964)
The Beatles Third Christmas Record 1965
Pantomine: Everywhere It's Christmas 1966
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas 1969
Hello Dolly
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
John & Yoko's Happy Xmas Ditty
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Wonderful Christmastime
Jingle Bells
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae
Listen The Snow Is Falling



Track List:
01 I'll Always Be In Love With You
02 I'll Follow The Sun
03 One After 909 (1960 Rehearsal)
04 Hello Little Girl
05 Love Of The Loved
06 I Saw Her Standing There (1962 Rehearsal)
07 One After 909 (1962 Rehearsal)
08 Some Other Guy (Live)
09 A Taste Of Honey (Live)
10 I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2)
11 Misery
12 From Me To You
13 Talkin' 'Bout You
14 Bad To Me
15 Don't Bother Me
16 This Boy
17 Medley
18 Can't Buy Me Love (Live)
19 I Should Have Known Better
20 You Can't Do That (Live)
21 I'm A Loser
22 She's A Woman (Studio)
23 I Feel Fine (Take 2)
24 I Feel Fine (Take 5)
25 That Means A Lot (Re-make)
26 Help! (Studio)
27 The Night Before
28 Baby's In Black (Live)
29 Norwegian Wood (Take 2)
30 Day Tripper

Hey Jude is the most popular song Sir Paul McCartney has written, according to a new poll.
Rolling Stone magazine asked readers to name their favourite composition by The Beatles' bass guitarist in recognition of his 67th birthday.
The 1968 hit single beat other popular Beatles songs to the top spot, with Penny Lane achieving second place and Eleanor Rigby in seventh.
However, many of Sir Paul's post-Beatles hits, including Jet and Band on the Run, made it to the list as well, along with his James Bond theme Live and Let Die.
Rolling Stones readers displayed a penchant for Beatles, Wings and solo album tracks too, with White album rocker Helter Skelter for instance making it to fourth place and Oh! Darling from Abbey Road being rated fifth.
Meanwhile, Maybe I'm Amazed, a song from Sir Paul's debut solo LP in 1970, made it to the heights of third place.
This is a notable record as McCartney plays every instrument on it, including piano, drum kit, electric guitar and bass guitar
Y bueno ya que lo nombramos en el post anterior, les presento al primer bootleg de la historia, o asi dicen, es mas bien, una copia sin editar de lo que luego seria let it be, con algunas diferencia, esto es unico gente, esto es unico...

Track List:
Get Back
The Walk
Let It Be
Teddy Boy
Two Of Us
Don't Let Me Down
I've Got A Feeling
The Long And Winding Road
For You Blue
Dig A Pony
Get Back (reprise)


Los discos no autorizados de The Beatles son discos con contenido musical del grupo editados sin autorización expresa de la banda o cualquier otro permiso legal.

Además de su discografía oficial, pronto empezaron a circular discos con material de The Beatles que jamás fueron lanzados en vinilos originales, conocidos por muchos como bootlegs (discos con material no oficial, en inglés); primero comenzaron a circular en discos de vinilo y, desde finales de la década de 1980, en formato digital.

Existen literalmente miles de discos con material inédito del grupo de Liverpool que contienen desde conciertos hasta sesiones de estudio, pasando por maquetas caseras. El primero de ellos apareció en 1969 y se tituló Kum Back: el disco incluía material musical de una de las mezclas realizadas por el ingeniero de sonido Glyn Johns para el futuro lanzamiento de los Beatles, titulado por entonces todavía como Get Back (con el tiempo convertido en el LP Let It Be).

A lo largo de casi dos décadas fue relativamente poco el material que salió a la luz, muchas veces de pésima calidad, con errores en las identificaciones de las canciones y, en más de una ocasión, con flagrantes errores de atribución. La colección de Ultra Rare Trax, vols. 1-8, publicada primero en vinilo en 1987 y no mucho después en formato digital, marcó un hito en la historia de los bootlegs de los Beatles al incluir material de estudio en estéreo de notoria calidad. A partir de entonces comenzó lo que se consideró la edad dorada de los discos no oficiales de los Beatles, con lanzamientos regulares de enorme calidad que sacaron a la luz cientos de horas de grabaciones inéditas, y que duró hasta poco después del año 2000.

De entre las numerosas discográficas fantasmas, que a lo largo de los años han ido sacando discos con material inédito, sobresalen dos: Yellow Dog y Vigotone (ambas desmanteladas en parte o totalmente por la policía). La calidad de algunos de estos lanzamientos, tanto en lo referente al contenido sonoro como a la presentación (superiores en algunos casos a los discos oficiales) contribuyó a que EMI y Apple Corps se decidieran a lanzar en la década de los '90, nuevos productos con material inédito tras décadas de planes frustrados como el doble disco con canciones grabadas por el grupo de Liverpool en los estudios de la BBC o bien, los tres discos que componen la trilogía de The Beatles Anthology.
Como bien les avise, me tome unas mini vacaciones, y ahora vuelvo con este disco, que según parece es de procedencia Italiana, no creo que los temas hayan sido grabados ahí, pero es interesante escucharlo, muy lindo.
Bueno, espero que les guste, y no se olviden de dejar algunos comentarios, pidiendo discos y todo eso.. saludos.

Añadir vídeoTrackList:
Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)
That's Alright (Mama)
Twist And Shout
All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love
By George It's The David Frost Theme
Hey Jude
Spiritual Regeneration
Yer Blues}
Yer Blues
A Case Of The Blues
Your Mother Should Know
I'll Be On My Way
The Walk
Everyone Had A Hard Year


Espero que tengan Walrus para todos con este disco, no se cansen, les va a gustar. el tema 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 y 7, fueron grabados en 1967 en septiembre, de los otros no hay muchos datos, solo del numero 16, que es un video mix, de 1988.

I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
I Am The Walrus
King Lear Speech




Todo por hoy, a menos que este de humor, saludos a todos, y pasenla bien....

Tal vez, este finde no haya nada porque viajo, saludos.
Este bootleg esta grabado entre julio y agosto de 1963, tiene un poco de distorsión.

I Got A Woman
Glad All Over
I Just Don't Understand
Slow Down
Don't Ever Change
A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)
Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
So How Come (No One Loves Me)
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
To Know Her Is To Love Her
The Honeymoon Song




Saludos, y no se olviden de entrar al nuevo blog...!
Bueno, gente decidí hacer un nuevo blog, que esta dedicado exclusivamente a vídeos de los beatles, ya sea, covers, y cosas así, todos de you tube o paginas similares.. espero que les guste, y comenten y vean los vídeos.. la dirección es


Saludos a todos.

Cabe destacar, que el blog no esta terminado, me falta un poco el trabajo de diseño, pero en estos días la termino. saludos.
Bueno a decir verdad no tengo muchos datos de este disco, el que me los pueda proporcionar, estaría agradecido, ni siquiera en bootlegzone hay algo, que haga referencia. solo que supuesta mente es de 1968.


Track list:
1. Brian Epstein Blues
2. Back In The U.S.S.R.
3. A Case of The Blues
4. Blackbird
5. Piggies
6. Birthday
7. Yer Blues
8. Mother Natures Son
9. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
10. Child Of Nature
11. Helter Skelter
12. Junk
13. Honey Pie
14. Old Brown Shoe

Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane demos, outtakes and remixes.

Disc One - Demos and Sessions

Strawberry Fields Forever -
Tracks 1-9: Santa Isabel Demos
Tracks 10-14: Kenwood Demos 1
Tracks 15-25: Kenwood Demos 2
Tracks 26-27: Sessions 1
Tracks 28-35: Sessions 2
Tracks 36-39: Sessions 3
Track 41: (not listed) John Lennon SFF Kenwood demo(?)

Penny Lane -
Tracks 40: Sessions

Track #41 is not listed on the cd artwork.

Disc Two - Remixes

Tracks 1-7: Early Mixes
Tracks 8-16: Released Remixes
Tracks 17-20: John Barrett Remixes
Tracks 21-23: Anthology Remixes
Track 24: (not listed)- George Martin

Contents of Booklet:

Creation of John Lennon's classic song began with a series of home demo recordings. The first were taped in Santa Isabel, Spain during the filming of Richard Lester's newest picture, How I Won The War, in which John had a part. "It look me six weeks to write the song," John recalled. "I was writing it all the time I was making the film." The earliest tapes of John composing the song (Disc One, Tracks 2-9) come from that six week period - September 18th to November 7th, 1966. Sometime during. the next two weeks, at Kenwood, his home in Surrey, John continued work on the song, recording first a version onto which he overdubbed electric guitar and a second vocal (Disc One, Tracks 10-14), then a final version with overdubbed organ, mellotron and double-tracked vocal (Disc One, Tracks 15-24). For his home recordings, John used two mono machines to accomplish overdubs, playing back one tape and playing or singing along to it into a second tape. This meant that the original track was now second generation recorded off-line (that is, a microphone recording rather than a line recording, made directly from tape to tape). For the complete demo (Disc One, Track 24), two overdubs were done, thus making the original track a third generation recording, two of them off-line. As a bonus track (Disc One, Track 41) we've taken the liberty of digitally combining the finished, overdubbed demo with the original track it was based on, thus creating a new stereo remaster that sounds closer to what John's demo would have sounded like had he been working with more sophisticated equipment. Also sometime during that November 8-23 period John created the distinctive flutelike tape loop used on the finished studio recording (Disc One, Track 25).

The first studio recording of "Strawberry Fields Forever"' was produced in one evening session on Thursday, November 24th, 1966. They recorded one take of the basic rhythm tracks, onto which were layered a myriad of overdubs. The finished take 1 (Disc One, Track 27) featured lead vocal by John, mellotron by Paul, George's guitar, Ringo's drums and maracas, a Harrison slide guitar, another Lennon lead vocal and harmonies from John, Paul and George. The track was taped at 51 cycles per second, so that it sounded faster on playback. There is apparently no record of it being remixed in 1966.

The following Monday, November 28th, they began the first remake of the song, recording takes 2-4 of the rhythm tracks, then overdubbing maracas, more guitars and a speeded-up Lennon vocal onto take 4 (Disc One, Tracks 29-31). Mono remixes RM1-3 of take 4 were produced at the end of the session and acetates were quickly cut, but a night spent listening to his copy of the acetate convinced John to try again.

The second remake was taped the following day, Tuesday, November 29th. Again they recorded rhythm tracks, takes 5-6, then overdubbed a Lennon vocal onto take 6 (Disc One, Tracks 32-33). Take seven was a reduction mix of take 6, applying ADT to John's vocal in the process. Onto this were overdubbed pianos and bass guitar (among other instruments) (Disc One, Track 34). Again, mono remixes RM1-3 were produced from take 7 (ignoring the earlier RM1-3), and RM3 was called the "best" (Disc Two, Track 1). Thus it stood for nine days.

Further listening convinced John that the song still wasn't what he wanted, so he went to George Martin and asked him to write a score to be used for a third remake. They went back into Abbey Road on December 8th. George Martin wasn't available for the beginning of the session, so engineer Dave Harries temporarily doubled as producer as they began recording tapes of the rhythm track. Takes 9-24 were taped (there was no take 8, and they skipped take 19), with Ringo's cymbals (played backward), Paul and George on tympanies and bongos, Mal Evans on tambourine, and the usual bass, drums and guitars. The first three-quarters of take 15 were edited onto the last quarter of take 24 to create the finished rhythm track. At the end of the session they started to produce a reduction mix of this edited version, but gave it up until the next day.

The Friday, December 9th session began with the completion of the rnixdown of the takes 15/24 edit into reduction mix take 25, and onto this was added more percussion from Ringo, and George on swordmandel (a harplike Indian instrument). A rough mono remix, RM4, was produced at this point (presumable for George Martin's use while working on his splendid trumpet/cello arrangement), and then they overdubbed more backward cymbals onto take 25.

Six days later, on December 15th, they overdubbed the trumpets (Tony Fisher, Greg Bowen, Derek Watkins and Stanley Roderick) and cellos (John Hall, Derek Simpson and Norman Jones) onto take 25 (Disc One, Track 37). Another reduction mix produced take 26, and onto it were overdubbed two Lennon lead vocals (Disc One, Track 39). Finally, mono remixes RM5-9 were produced, with RM9 called the new "best" (Disc Two, Track 2).

But on Wednesday, December21st more Lennon vocals were overdubbed onto take 26, along with another piano track. A new remix wasn't produced, however, because John had decided that while he liked the ending of the new version, he still preferred the beginning of take 7. Could George Martin somehow combine them? Martin pointed out that the two recordings were not only played at different tempos, they were also in different keys. "Well," said John, "You can fix it!" And so he did, by speeding up take 7 and slowing down take 26, they luckily could be matched (the edit can be heard exactly one minute into the song).

On December22nd mono remix RM10 of take 7 was combined with mono remix RM11 of take 26 to produce RM12. Similarly, on December 29th stereo remix RS1 of take 7 and RS2 and RS4 of take 26 were combined to produce RS3 (from RS1 and RS2) and RS5 (from RS1 and RS4). RS3 was the version released on the stereo Capitol Magical Mystery Tour LP (Disc Two, Track 9), while a stereo remix produced for the German Magical Mystery Tour LP on November 26th, 1971 is the one that appears on the Magical Mystery Tour CD (Disc Two, Track 10).
Though RM12 was apparently used for both the UK and US mono releases of the song, on the British single (Disc Two, Track 12) one can hear a hi-hat click right after John first sings "Strawberry Fields Forever" which can't be heard on the mono Capitol Magical Mystery Tour LP version of the track (Disc Two, Track 11).

In 1982 engineer John Barrett produced the soundtrack for the multimedia presentation that was to be used during the Summer '83 public tours of Abbey Road Studios. This included new (though partial) stereo remixes of takes 1, 7 and 26 (Disc Two, Tracks 17-19).

For the 1987 television special celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, George Martin pulled out the old four-track masters of some of the sessions and played them back while isolating individual tracks to demonstrate how the songs were constructed. Since "Strawberry Fields Forever" was originally slated for release on the LP, its recording marked the actual start of the album sessions, and Martin played back portions of takes 1, 7 and 26 (Disc One, Tracks 26,35 and 38).
The Anthology 2 CD collection, produced in 1995, presented two new remixes of "Strawberry Fields Forever." First was Take 1, stripped of many of the overdubs (including the harmony parts) (Disc Two, Track 21). Also included was a new remix of take 7 edited with the end of take 25 (Disc Two, Track 22).

Work on Paul McCartney's still-untitled contribution to the single began on Thursday, December 29th with the recording of takes 1-6 of the basic piano track, played by Paul (the others weren't present on this day). Onto track two of take 6 he added another piano, this time played through a Vox guitar amp with added reverb. A tambourine and yet another piano went onto track three, recorded at half-speed so it would sound faster on playback. Onto track four went a harmonium, also fed through a Vox amp, plus cymbals and other percussion. Rough mono mixes RM1 and RM2 finished the night's work.

The next day, December30th, take 6 of what was now known as "Penny Lane" received a reduction mix into take 7, clearing up three more tracks. Onto track four was overdubbed Paul's lead and John's back-up vocal, taped at 47.5 cycles to again sound faster on playback. Once again rough mono remixes were made, redundantly called RM1 and RM2, for cutting to acetate.

They returned to the song on Wednesday, January 4th, when John added a piano part and George his lead guitar onto track two of take 7, while onto track three went another McCartney vocal. The next day a new McCartney vocal replaced the one taped on the 4th.

January 6th saw even more overdubs, with the addition of Paul on bass, John on rhythm guitar and conga drums, and Ringo on drums - all heavily limited and again taped at 47.5 cycles. Take 7 became take 8 through a reduction mix from four to two tracks, and onto it they overdubbed handclaps, John and George Martin on piano, and John, Paul and George scat singing the parts where the brass would later be added. Another reduction mix took them from take 8 to take 9.

The brass parts were added to take 9 on Monday, January 9th. Flutes were played by Ray Swinfield, P Goody, Manny Winters and Dennis Walton, while trumpets were provided by Leon Calvert. Some of the same musicians also added two piccolos and a flügelhorn. John Lennon made his own tape of part of this day's sessions, adding various studio effects (Disc One, Track 40). Rough mono remixes RM5 and RM6 were then made.

The next day, January 10th, saw the addition of more scat vocals and the hand-bell that's heard at each mention of the fireman or his fire-engine. Two days later, January 12th, the second group of classical instruments were added to take 9. Trumpets were played by Bert Courtley and Duncan Campbell, oboes and cor anglais by Dick Morgan and Mike Winfield, and double-bass by Frank Clarke. The session concluded with the production of mono remixes RM7 and RM8 (Disc Two, Track 3).

Further listening convinced Paul that the recording still wasn't what he wanted. On January 11th he'd been watching a performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto Number2 on BBC2 television, and was enchanted with the sound of Dave Mason's trumpet. On January 17th Mason came into the studio and added his B-flat piccolo trumpet to take 9, recording the part in just two takes. "Paul sang the parts he wanted," Mason recalled, "George Martin wrote them out, I tried them." More mono remixing produced RM9- 11 (Disc Two, Tracks 5-7), and a copy of RM11 was hurried off to America, where a few promotional copies of the single were pressed and distributed to radio stations before the decision was made to try further remixes.

Final menu remixes RM12-14 of take 9 were produced on January 25th, with the last, now missing Dave Mason's final trumpet figures, called "best." Fhe UK release of RM14 (Disc Two, Track 15) is a note longer in the beginning than the version on the US Magical Mystery Tour LP (Disc Two, Track 14), which starts cold with the vocals. A stereo remix (Disc Two, Track 16) wasn't produced until November7th, 1967, for use on the German Magical Mystery Tour LP (and eventually on the CD). It includes an ascending trumpet part after the line "it's a clean machine" that's missing from the mono remix.

In 1982 engineer John Barren was given the assignment of producing the soundtrack for the multimedia presentation that was to be used during the Summer '83 public tours of Abbey Road Studios. This included a new stereo remix of "Penny Lane" (Disc Two, Track 20).
The Anthology 2 CD collection, produced in 1995, also presented a new remix (Disc Two, Track 23). This featured many of the overdubs heard on RM8 but mixed out of the final version of the song.

From: http://www.bootlegzone.com
Uno mas, después les consigo un poco de informacion de este disco, que se pone un poco monotono tantos penny lane y Strawberry Fields Forever, te vuelan la cabeza, saludos.

Track List:
Cd 1:
George Martin About Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
George Martin On Remakes 1 & 2
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
George Martin On Remake 3
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Strawberry Fields Forever

Cd 2:
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Dave Mason On Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Penny Lane
George Martin On Finishing Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
George Martin And Paul McCartney On Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
George Martin On Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane Single

Cd 1:
Cd 2:
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pass: www.chilewarez.org
Bueno gente, acá hago una nueva aparición, espero que les guste este disco.. supuesta mente todas las canciones han sido grabadas en Francia. Espero que lo disfruten, nada mas que no tiene tan buen sonido como otros bootlegs, pero esta bueno, lo recomiendo. saludos.

Track List:
Interview With John,Paul,George At The Le Bourget Airport.
From Me To You
This Boy
I Want To Hold Your Hand
She Loves You
Twist And Shout
Interview With The Beatles (At Hotel Georges V)
I'm A Loser
Can't Buy Me Love
I Wanna Be Your Man
A Hard Day's Night
Rock And Roll Music
I Feel Fine
Dedication To Hubert Wayaffe
Ticket To Ride
Long Tall Sally
I'm Allright
Memphis Tennesse
Joy, Joy, Joy
I Wish You Would
Twist And Shout
She's A Woman
Can't Buy Me Love
I'm A Loser
I Wanna Be Your Man
A Hard Day's Night
Baby's In Black
Rock And Roll Music
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Ticket To Ride
Long Tall Sally

Desde hace unas pocas horas circula principalmente por YouTube una versión de casi 11 minutos de Revolution (la toma 20 precisamente), una versión que sería un puente entre Revolution 1 y Revolution 8 del famoso Album Blanco de 1968.

(Este vídeo ya no está disponible debido a una reclamación de copyright realizada por EMI Music.)

Esto representa un gran interés para los fans de la legendaria banda de Liverpool que no se conforman con todo el material aparecido en los últimos años a través de la colección de Cd's y DVD's Anthology.

Este tema jamás había sido escuchado de la manera que aquí se presenta, y eso lo hace muy especial si se tiene en cuenta los miles y miles de discos piratas que nunca han dejado de aparecer desde la separación de Los Beatles en 1970 hasta nuestros días.

Cabe remarcar que Revolution fue el primer tema que se grabó en las sesiones para el doble album blanco, que se llamó simplemente The Beatles pero rápidamente se popularizó como White Album por la austeridad minimalista de su portada que solo traía en su versión de vinilo original el nombre de la banda en relieve. Esta es la versión "lenta", muy diferente a la que apareció en simple y se puede escuchar en el Past Masters 2.

En el comienzo de se escucha la voz del ingeniero anunciando el nro. de toma y charla previa de los músicos en el estudio, donde se puede advertir la presencia de Yoko Ono que a esta altura ya era inseparable de Lennon (para gran pesar del resto del grupo). Se destacan claramente los coros de George Harrison y aparecen sonidos y voces que no se encuentran en el disco original. Muchos de estos posteriormente fueron utilizados en Revolution 8, y le dan a este nuevo hallazgo el carácter de un verdadero eslabón perdido entre estos dos tracks que se encontraban en el mismo lado B del disco 2 (como primer y anteúltimo tema respectivamente), ya que antes de escuchar esto solo se podía decir que compartían la palabra "revolution" del título y nada más.

Muchos detalles para los "expertos" en rarezas Beatles pueden confirmar que no es un "fake" (comparen la claridad del sonido ambiental al comienzo del ritmo con el Revolution oficial, ahí cuando entraba la guitarra eléctrica, es asombroso!)

fuente: taringa.
Revolution Take 20 en formato FLAC y MP3 320 kbps

Beatles fans still patiently waiting for Paul McCartney to release the band’s 1967 sound collage “Carnival of Light” were surprised by an even better gift this weekend as a 10-minute version of The White Album’s “Revolution 1″ leaked onto the internet

Giving fans a never-before-heard listen of what the White Album sessions must have been like. The track makes it clear why seemingly unrelated “Revolution 1″ and the maniacal “Revolution 9″ sound collage share the same name: In “Revolution 1 (Take 20)” John Lennon steers an extended, more experimental version of “1″ to its breaking point, using it as a conduit before launching into the avant-garde “9.”

According to the Ateaseweb message board, the song first surfaced on an upcoming, Europe-only bootleg Revolution: Take… Your Knickers Off, as nod to Lennon saying “Take your knickers off and let’s go” before “Revolution 1 (Take 20)” started rolling. As for how the song leaked out, that’s an even bigger mystery. According to Mark Lewisohn’s book The Beatles: Recording Sessions, only two copies of the take were made when recording the song was completed on June 4, 1968. One copy left the studio with Lennon that day, and the other remained behind. It’s unclear which copy appears on the bootleg, nor how the Revolution makers even acquired it.

“As someone who’s heard, I’d say, 99.8 percent of the Beatles music that has leaked onto bootleg, this is really interesting,” Beatles expert Richie Unterberger told EW.com. The site also reports Lennon was lying on his back while recording the vocals to make his voice sound different. 2009 is shaping up to be a big year for Fab Four fans still clamoring for unreleased material. Talking about “Carnival of Light” back in November, McCartney said “The time has come for its moment. I like it because it’s like the Beatles free.” YouTube has been pulling down the videos of Take 20, so get a listen over at Twelve Major Chords.



Espero que les guste... la puse, ya que hay gente que preguntaba por ella, entonces, bueno.. aca esta para que todos saquemos conclusiones de si es o no es... saludo.

01 David Lynch Benefit Concert with Paul & Ringo (Crowd Interviews)
02 Paul Signing Autographs Before Press Conference
03 Press Conference (Paul & Ringo)
04 Paul Signing Autographs After Press Conference
05 Paul Signing Autographs Before Concert
06 It Don't Come Easy (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
07 Boys (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
08 Yellow Submarine (Ringo, Eddie Vedder & Sheryl Crow)
09 Drive My Car (Paul)
10 Jet (Paul)
11 Got to Get You into My Life (Paul)
12 Let It Be (Paul)
13 Lady Madonna (Paul)
14 Blackbird (Paul)
15 Here Today (Paul)
16 Band on the Run (Paul)
17 Can't By Me Love (Paul)
18 With A Little Help From My Friends (Paul & Ringo)
19 Cosmically Conscious (Paul & Ringo)
20 I Saw Her Standing There (Paul & Ringo with Vedder, Donovan, Moby, Crow & Bettye)
21 Bonus - Tribute To George - My Sweet Lord (Sheryl Crow)
22 Bonus - David Lynch Poem (with Donovan and Paul McCartney)
23 Bonus - Paul e Ringo a New York, per una notte tornano Beatles

Parte 1: http://uploading.com/files/20B456Q1/The%20Bea1.zip.html
Parte 2: http://uploading.com/files/9FD8S0QZ/The%20Bea2.zip.html
Comunicado de prensa - El 8 de agosto de 1969, cuatro hombres caminaron a través de un paso de cebra en St John's Wood. Apenas un estremecedor caso de la tierra-, pero desde entonces millones de personas han llegado a la misma cruce de imitar esos cuatro hombres.

Por supuesto, los cuatro hombres en cuestión eran los Beatles, y el cruce se encuentra en Abbey Road. El "Fab Four" fueron posando para la foto que iba a ser utilizado en su último disco a grabar. Abbey Road nunca ha sido el mismo desde entonces. Cada día, los aficionados de todo el mundo vienen a la travesía a pie los pasos de sus héroes y para ver los estudios donde graban la mayoría de sus canciones.

El 8 de agosto de 2009, un especial de los Beatles paseo atravesará el cruce de Abbey Road exactamente 40 años desde el momento en que los Beatles. El recorrido será dirigido por Richard Porter, un guía turístico profesional Beatles y propietario de los Beatles Cafetería. Richard ha sido líder en viajes de los Beatles durante 20 años y ha cruzado Abbey Road miles de veces. Sin embargo, 8 de agosto será un día especial. Los fans se llevan todo por la banda tributo Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Sólo Dart Junta Band 'que se llevan el mismo estilo de ropa como los Beatles en ese día histórico.

La gira comienza en especial en la estación de Marylebone en 9.20am. No es necesario reservar para la gira, a su vez sólo en el punto de encuentro.

La gira es organizada por Londres Paseos Ltd www.walks.com que recientemente recibió la medalla de oro en la categoría 'Mejor Experiencia de Turismo "y por tanto www.enjoyengland.com www.visitlondon.com.

El aniversario también se celebra en los Beatles Cafetería, www.beatlescoffeeshop.com que es parte de St John's Wood, la estación de metro. Muchos temas de los Beatles Abbey Road y mercancía estará a la venta.

Más tarde ese mismo día 'Sgt. Pepper's Sólo Dart Junta Band' será un concierto especial en Peter Parker's Rock and Roll Club de Dinamarca a las 4 de la calle. El concierto está siendo promovido por los Beatles Cafetería y British Beatles Fan Club. El club está en el sitio de estudio de grabación de sonido Regent, donde la gente como The Rolling Stones, The Kinks y Elton John todos los registrados.

Para obtener más información sobre los eventos del día, por favor ver www.beatlesinlondon.com/abbeyroad.htm

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