ahora si, dos mas, con las imagenes y todo, un abrazo.


01. Help!
02. The Night Before
03. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
04. I Need You
05. Another Girl
06. You're Going To Lose That Girl
07. Ticket To Ride
08. Act Naturally
09. It's Only Love
10. You Like Me Too Much
11. Tell Me What You See
12. I've Just Seen A Face
13. Yesterday
14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

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Rubber Soul

01. Drive My Car
02. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
03. You Won't See Me
04. Nowhere Man
05. Think For Yourself
06. The Word
07. Michelle
08. What Goes On
09. Girl
10. I'm Looking Through You
11. In My Life
12. Wait
13. If I Needed Someone
14. Run For Your Life

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