Bueno, lo prometido es deuda, acá viene uno de los mejores a mi gusto, nada mas y nada menos que revolver, en cualquier momento, sgts. peppers, y el blanquito, saludos, un abrazo.

01. Taxman
02. Eleanor Rigby
03. I'm Only Sleeping
04. Love You To
05. Here, There and Everywhere
06. Yellow Submarine
07. She Said, She Said
08. Good Day Sunshine
09. And Your Bird Can Sing
10. For No One
11. Doctor Robert
12. I Want to Tell You
13. Got to Get You into My Life
14. Tomorrow Never Knows



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Anónimo dijo...

Is it possible to upload these things to other sites like I just found out about this blog and it's great! Unfortunately rapidshare has this limit in the number of downloads for non-premium members and is giving some of us a hard time because these stuff are great! If not, it's okay I understand. :(

Alejandrito dijo...

si, podría, pero me es mas cómodo rapidshare, sube mas rápido y mi conexión no es rápida, imagínate que tardo casi dos horas y media subir uno de 40mb. proba usando paginas proxy, o reiniciando tu router así podes bajar varios a la vez. saludos.